he small, trustworthy backup tool known as Uranium Backup safeguards a client’s commercial and personal data. It is a full-featured solution with lifetime licences beginning at little under 80 USD and is available in both free and paid editions. It can satisfy every client’s demand.

Uranium Backup manages to be both straightforward and understandable despite having a robust user interface. Clients can arrange a backup right away. A reporting system will notify the client if there is an issue.

This online backup system offers scheduling, incremental, logging, and encryption for backups all in one place.

The user-friendly interface makes it simple and quick to set up a backup set. Because the reporting system will alert in the incident, data is always in charge.

About Uranium Backup

Uranium Backup, which can back up all of your data, is the most complete and flexible backup tool. This application is popular with plenty of people all over the world. This Windows software for internet data backup is quite good.

With Uranium, users and enterprises get a cost-effective, incredibly dependable cloud backup service. This Windows-based solution is compatible with Windows XP and subsequent operating systems.

The best data recovery programme is called Uranium, and it is offered in 13 different languages and has been sold in over 100 different nations. A reliable, easy-to-use, and competitively priced backup application is Uranium Backup. Users of Uranium have access to a unique and user-friendly interface that allows them to conduct backups and manage associated tasks. A broad variety of storage devices are supported by this system.

Advantages Of Uranium Backup :-

It is feasible to manage execution conflicts between two or more backups that may be operating simultaneously thanks to the implementation of the Uranium Backup service.

The service further improves Uranium’s reliability by enabling backups to be performed even when the machine is not actively in use.

  • Speedy and Secure:

The user-friendly UI makes configuring a backup set simple. Because the reporting system will alert in the case of a problem, data are always in control. As a consequence, it provides a lot of storage space and the option to restore data to all servers if the company needs it.

  • Free Professional Service:

All licence holders have access to the support team’s speedy, competent, and cost-free technical assistance. The support staff can be reached via phone or email.

  • Maximum Versatility:

Uranium Backup with Maximum Versatility is quite flexible. It includes a free version for backing up files and folders, but for more advanced uses like storing up disc images, databases, and virtual machines, it needs a specific licence. In addition to backing up data on hard drives, NAS, tape drives, FTP servers, and cloud storage, Uranium Backup also backs up data on disc images (Drive Images), Exchange mailboxes, databases, and virtual machines.

  • A notice email:

Setting up email notifications to different recipients with all the information required to function in case of problem.

  • Specific License Rules:

For each installation, a single unlimited licence is required. Free updates and technical assistance are part of this. There are no extra costs for server systems.

  • Consistent Reliability:

Data is one of a company’s most valuable resources, and its loss can have catastrophic repercussions. Utilizing Uranium Backup for data protection is secure and reliable.

Plans & Pricing Of Uranium Backup :-

Uranium Backup is available in the free version & paid version. Here are the details for obtaining a free or paid version for Uranium Backup.

Free Version of Uranium Backup

You can obtain a free version of Uranium Backup from the company’s website URL. It enables you to carry out a number of tasks including:

  • Countless backup copies of files and folders
  • Automatic backup scheduling
  • Compression of copies to save on storage capacity
  • Setting up email notifications for each backup’s results
  • Backups should be encrypted to ensure their correct security

Paid versions of Uranium Backup

The cheapest paid versions of Uranium Backup support a number of backup options that are mentioned below. You may purchase it here.

  • Backup of disk images
  • Hyper-V and ESXi virtual machines’ backups
  • Backup of important databases (MySQL, MariaDB, MS SQL, Exchange).
  • Additionally, a variety of backup locations, such as the cloud (OneDrive, Google Drive, Azure, Amazon S3, or Dropbox), Hard disks, FTP servers, tapes, optical discs, &NAS

Without registering, you can try the Gold edition for 21 days. It incorporates a subscription program as well.

All endpoints running the software must be monitored by Uranium Backup Professional in order to facilitate unified management and simplify the challenging work of data security.

Conclusion :-

The fact that Uranium Backup provides a comprehensive backup solution for both host and local servers makes it an absolutely useful tool for you.

Due to the user-friendly interface, which was designed with both consumers and companies in mind, you can set up a backup set in just a few seconds.

Want a reliable method to backup your images, videos, and documents? The backup of files and folders is possible using Uranium Backup, which also offers the option to plan automatic backups.

There are both free and paid editions available!

The fully functioning backup tool Uranium Backup is useful for SMEs and organizations. It offers comprehensive web app solutions.

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