Are you looking to sell feet pics for some extra income or make it your full-time job? If so, here are a couple of tips to help you stay safe and sell feet pics without getting scammed:

1. Don’t Include Your Face in Your Photos

When selling pictures of your feet, never include your face. Doing so ensures your feet pics remain anonymous and you stay safe from potential stalkers.

Remember, you can crop the pictures you take to show your feet and ankles only. That way, it’ll be impossible for anyone to trace feet pics back to you.

2. Turn Off Location Settings

When taking feet pics, always remember to turn off your location settings. This ensures that feet pics do not contain any metadata that can be used to ascertain their origin or trace you.

Also, don’t share information about your personal identity and where you live to strangers online. Doing so invites trouble and could lead potential stalkers right to your doorstep.

3. Always Use a VPN

A VPN, or virtual private network, is a great way to protect your identity while selling feet pics online. A VPN encrypts all the data you transmit, making it nearly impossible for anyone to trace feet pics back to you. It also helps keep your feet pics safe from hackers who may be looking for anything valuable they can get their hands on. 

You can also use an RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), which connects your computer to another one, giving it access to the latter’s interface. That way, you can mask your location and protect yourself from stalking.

4. Only Sell Through Secure Payment Processors

When setting up a feet pic shop online, only use secure platforms like PayPal or Stripe, which have built-in security measures that protect both buyers and sellers from fraud.

Also, never accept cash payments because that means meeting the buyer in person. Not only does this expose your identity, but it also puts you at risk of physical harm.

The same goes for accepting physical gift cards. The only way to get these gift cards is through face-to-face meetings or mail. Both methods lead sellers to where you live or potential harm.

5. Don’t Pay Anything to Sell Your Feet Pics

Scammers sometimes trick unscrupulous feet pic sellers into paying a signup fee to allow you to sell on their platforms. Anyone asking for payments upfront is likely a scam artist.

Never pay any fees or hefty commissions to feet pic sellers, as this is usually fraud. Only use feet pic selling platforms like Instafeet that charge small commission fees for their services. Be sure to do your due diligence and research on the feet pic selling platforms before signing up.

6. Watermark All Your Pictures

As mentioned earlier, content theft is pretty rife in the feet pics business. This means people can make a huge killing off of selling pictures of your feet without your permission.

Watermarking your pictures ensures that feet pics can’t be resold without giving you proper credit. Use a custom watermark to make feet pics uniquely yours and protect them from theft. 

All you have to do is download a watermarking app and add your nickname or initials to your feet pics before you share them online.

7. Only Sell to Reputable Buyers

Only sell feet pics to people who have a good reputation. This way, you can avoid any potential scammers and stalkers. If possible, ask feet pic buyers for references or background checks before entering into a feet pics buying agreement.

Most reputable feet pic selling platforms have a thorough registration process to filter out scammers and protect feet pic sellers. Avoid selling your feet pics on websites or platforms that look fake or sketchy.

FeetFinder is recommended websites for feet pics.

8. Ask for Upfront Payment Before Sharing Photos

Never send feet pics until you get paid. Feet pics are valuable, and the last thing you want to do is give them away for free. Ask potential feet pic buyers to pay before they can access feet pics.

Some buyers may be unwilling to pay before seeing your feet pics. In that case, you can send them watermarked or blurred photos to assure them that you’re not selling them air. 

Alternatively, you can only sell your pics on established platforms that guarantee to protect both the seller and buyer from fraud.

9. Only Sell Photos of Your Feet

Some customers might not be satisfied with just the photos of your feet and may ask for pictures of other, less respectable parts. This is a major red flag, and you should stay away from customers like these. Feet pics are meant to be beautiful, not risqué.

Never compromise your morals or safety by sending feet pics that cross the line between being pretty and inappropriate. This not only sacrifices your morals but may also be illegal in your country. 

So, regardless of how much the customer is willing to pay, it’s best only to sell feet pics deemed appropriate.

We recommend you to use FeetFinder for buying and selling websites.

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