FeetFinder is the best website for selling foot pictures.  To successfully sell feet pics on FeetFinder there are 6 important steps.   Let’s take a detailed look into these steps so you can learn how to sell your feet pics.

The first step to being successful for selling feet pictures on FeetFinder is uploading 4 quality profile pictures of your feet, body, and face. The profile pictures are essential since this is the preview that the buyer sees before they decide if they want to buy your feet pics.  Most Buyers won’t buy foot pictures unless they can see some type of preview.  While Sellers can choose to only post pictures of their feet, we recommend posting a mix of feet, body, and face pictures so the Buyer gets a better understanding of who they are buying feet pictures from.

The second step to be successful for selling feet pics on FeetFinder is uploading quality albums.  An album can be up to 5 feet pictures or it can be a video.  Free users can upload up to 10 albums, but if someone buys an album, they can upload another.  Albums can be purchased numerous times by different Buyers.  We recommend users take high-quality professional photos and use accessories such as lotion and nail polish.  A high-quality photo will sell much faster than a low-quality photo that was taken in a few seconds on a blurry camera.  We have noticed Sellers who use nail polish, high heels, and lotion in their feet pics tend to have more sales and offers.  Make sure to have a good mix of photos and videos in your albums as different Buyers have different preferences when it comes to what feet pictures and what feet videos they request and buy.

Becoming a Premium Seller will also greatly increase the chances you have at selling feet pics! Premium Sellers can upload unlimited content which means they have a higher chance of a Buyer viewing their content and sending a custom offer or purchasing an album.  Premium Sellers can also message Buyers first which may make them more inclined to buy your feet pictures. Premium Sellers can also upload albums up to 1gb compared to 250mb for free users which means you can take much better quality feet pictures.

Sellers need to check their accounts daily and turn their notifications on.  We see lots of Buyers send offers or messages to Sellers who simply forget to check FeetFinder that day and miss out on the chance to sell foot pics.  If you turn on notifications, you can get an email or a text anytime a Buyer messages you, sends you an offer or buys your feet pictures.  Sellers who do not check FeetFinder on a daily basis miss out on potential sales so make sure you check your account often and are active.

A descriptive bio is also very important.  Buyers find most content by searching for keywords such as soles, dirty feet, heels, and much more.  If your bio and album descriptions contain these descriptive keywords the Buyer will have a much better chance of viewing and buying your feet pictures.  Avoid captions like “my first album” and instead use “my cute soles outside in the grass”.  Descriptive bios and descriptions on albums make it easy for Buyers to find exactly what they’re looking for and buy your feet pics.

Finally, Sellers need to be reasonable.  Everyone wants to sell feet pictures for $100+, however, most Buyers only pay this much for Sellers they have an established relationship with.  We recommend having a few albums prices at $5 so a Buyer is more likely to purchase the photos and see just how good your feet pics are.  The more they see and the more they talk, the more they will be willing to pay.  We spoke with many Buyers who were annoyed with high pricing for first time models.  High priced albums mean the photos or videos need to be high quality and professional as well.

We hope this blog about selling feet pics was helpful and gives you a great experience on FeetFinder.  Remember, FeetFinder is the best website to sell your feet pictures and videos and our customer support can always help with any questions you may have.

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