The internet is full of scams but you have to choose the ways to avoid these scams. The most important step while working in the foot industry and not getting scammed is to use safe platforms or websites. This will keep you safe from scams and help to earn money from safe websites and platforms like Feet Finder. If your content is stand out in the market the scammer will try to take advantage of your efforts.

You can avoid scams by putting a watermark on all of your images or videos. Also, secure your devices and internet connections when carrying out financial transactions. you are doing feet business for money so take some safety measures

Dealing with Scams in the Feet Industry

According to feet models, it is reported that they are getting scammed while selling feet pictures on the internet. Selling feet pictures without getting scammed is a big deal but the following are some steps to avoid scams in the feet industry.

Safest Platforms or Websites

Choose a platform that is made for selling content related to feet, many people are doing feet business on their social media accounts. If a buyer scammed you on social media accounts or gets the pics without payment, you cannot blame the social media. This type of scam is based on the platforms you choose, you have to sell content on your terms. When someone not giving you money for the content you delivered the social media accounts are not to be blamed.

Buyers approach the Feet websites for a variety of content and search for fraud-free websites or platforms like Feet Finder. This is one of the best platforms also safe and legit, the users are working safely and comfortably. The safest platforms provide you with full security and you don’t have to worry about scammers when the website is secure. It provides payment security and all your transactions will be safeguarded.

Water Mark on the Content

You have to watermark your photos when you post them on any social media platform or website. Some online portals provide options to blur and watermark the foot content. It helps avoid scammers and protects your data from scamming. Your client will get a glimpse of the pictures and pay you when they agree to buy the images of your feet. Watermark on your photos or videos makes it hard for scammers to use your photos.

Some customers request a sample beforehand, in this case, you can send slightly blurry content with a watermark.

First Credit the Amount

Most scammers will try to trick you if they want to get the pictures or data before you receive payments. This is your business and you should not be shy, they are just clients to you. Ensure you received the required amount from the client before delivering orders.  

If you choose a secure platform then every client comes through a procedure where they first pay and then get the images. When you are selling locally you should include terms of transaction, rules, and expectations. Also, make sure to do an agreement with the client to avoid any misunderstanding.

Secure Your Internet and Devices

When carrying out international transactions you need extra protection as you are putting all secret information there. Many portals allowed you two-step verification so that when you log in it confirms your cell number via message. You have to confirm the message that it’s you, in this way, you can protect your account at least. Additionally, avoid using public wireless for money transactions, and apply a strong password for your internet connection.

Business Account

You are dealing in feet business so it is important to have a separate business account for the purpose. A business account is helpful to add an extra layer of protection against scammers. Such business profiles identify that you are working as a business identity instead of an individual account. this will help to protect you from scammers and you can run your business account as an individual.

No Personal Questions

Being polite and smooth is an important part of a business and providing required services. But in the online business case, it is hard to keep your entire information secret. But you have to keep everything secret don’t tell them stories about your life. You are there for business not for becoming friends. When you answer personal questions to any of the clients, they may come from another ID to blackmail or scam you.

Feet sites are platforms to sell these pics that are loved by foot worshipers which encourages people on social media platforms like Instagram accounts, YouTube, and more to sell feet photos online. Just to make it idea clear, foot fetishism is a kind of sexual fetish but it is not porn. Famous feet, celeb feet/ celebrity feet are preached by foot worshipers. When celebs upload their feet photos on social media or a viral red carpet pic is sold at a high price. Sigmund Freud an Austrian neurologist had a clinical method for treating psychopathology through dialogue.

There are many types of fetish but one which is most common and rarely understood is foot obsession. Feet porn is a completely different fetishism it does not mean porn videos. Some people don’t know why they are obsessed with their partner’s feet their ankles or ask for their sexy feet photos, nail polish feet, dirty feet, walking feet, lesbian feet, and big toes. There is nothing bad or impropriate to have a foot fetish.

Foot fetishists are attracted to feet/ feet pose and buy feet for money. Therefore sell your foot photos as there are more men to have this condition than women. Many people are curious to know how to sell feet pics. Or where to sell feet photos? Modeling agencies pay also pay an unreasonable amount and gift cards for desired feet photos to foot models. Selling feet photos of the female are more in demand in affiliate marketing than men’s pictures or videos.

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