There are several built-in features in the VLC media player. Zooming into videos is one of the features that is handy. We shall be able to see the video’s finer details thanks to it.

A variety of zooming options are available in VLC Media Player. To enlarge a section of the media, we can employ interactive zoom. To alter the size of the material on the screen, further options include zoom, crop, and aspect ratio.

In VLC’s advanced preferences, we can also find options for scaling any video. Finally, we may magnify what is on the screen using an accessibility function of your OS. Zooming in on videos will enable us to view the minute elements that we otherwise might not notice. In order to see a section of interest better, we can additionally enlarge it. Additionally, the window size can be changed to give it the correct zoom ratio.

Let’s explore the numerous ways we might accomplish this. This technique is compatible with the most recent VLC media player version running on the Windows and macOS operating systems.

Method 1: Zoom VLC Video Using Interactive Zoom

The simplest and most practical zoom function we found in VLC is Interactive Zoom. Additionally, it enjoys high user popularity.

The magnified area is simple to drag. It will interactively expand certain portions of the video that is playing.

Step 1. At first, you need to press the Control and E keys simultaneously. To access the Adjustment and Effects Settings, press the Control and E keys simultaneously.

Additionally, you can access this setting by choosing Tools > Effects & Filters.

Step 2. Select the Video Effects tab.

Step 3. Under the Video Effects tab, click on the Geometry tab.

Step 4. Selecting the Interactive Zoom checkbox.

Step 5. Click Save and Close.

The interactive zoom function has been turned on. On the top-left corner of your media window, you will see a tiny video that looks like it is in a picture-in-picture. The region that is magnified will be shown by a rectangle on it. Click and drag the rectangle with the mouse. The region that is being zoomed will change as you move the rectangle. When the video is being played or paused, you can accomplish this. Giving us the ability to observe things more closely is quite beneficial.

Step 2. Zoom Video Using VLC Video Menu

Zoom is a handy function that can be found in the Video menu for some users. If the movie is playing in full screen or maximised window mode, it might not seem to make any difference. But if the video is playing in the window mode, something will happen.

Below is the step by step process to use the Zoom feature.

Step 1. Launch VLC Media Player and play any video in windowed mode.

Step 2. Press the ” Z ” (or) ” ctrl ” + ” Z ” hot keys on your keyboard. You may also choose the video’s zoom level by choosing Video > Zoom > Select the size of zoom.

Step 3. By hitting the keys, you can choose between seeing the movie at a quarter, half, original, or double zoom.

The zoom feature that changes window size won’t be used by everyone. If you want to see how your video seems at various resolutions, it might be helpful. The ability to stack VLC’s window on the screen is another capability. If you zoom in this way to 1:2 ratio, a 1080p video will become 640 pixels wide and 960 pixels high, or half the resolution. Your monitor’s resolution will determine how much space it takes up on the screen.

Step 3: Using Magnifier

The accessibility tools may be useful if you’re using a Windows device. Magnifier tool will be of great use in this case. It enlarges everything on the screen. Therefore, if your video is on the screen, it will appear larger. By default, the magnified area will track your mouse pointer.

Step 1. Click on Start

Step 2. Search Magnifier in the saerch box and open it.

Step 3. It will come on the top of your current window.

Step 4. To zoom in or out, press the Plus (+) or Minus (-) buttons, respectively.

To magnify the video, hold down the Windows Key and the + (Plus Key) and to zoom out Windows key and –.

You can zoom in and out between 100% and 1600%. Every time the + or – buttons are hit, the zoom percentage will be increased/decreased by 100%. If you enlarge it by an excessive amount, let’s say 1600%, it can become distorted and perplexing.

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