Do you want to analyze every frame of a video? If yes then you should go frame by frame. It can be done easily, thanks to the VLC media player.

Due to its features and compatibility with practically all operating systems, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android, VLC is considered to be the best media player.

Sometimes watching a video frame by frame is necessary to examine each frame attentively. You can also get a better screenshot of the video with this option.

This guide will walk you through the process of playing a video frame-by-frame in the VLC media player.

What is VLC Frame by Frame?

VLC Frame by Frame is a feature in VLC Media Player that allows you to play any video frame by frame. This feature can be used to analyze ever frame of any video.

Do you know that every media player plays the pictures in an order and you see the objects in motion. A Frame is a single picture and Frames includes different picture in an order.

For example; you have a smartphone and you record a video at 30fps. FPS stands for Frames Per Second. After recording the video, you play the video. The video player will play 30 frames per second. If you are using VLC Media Player then you can check the FPS rate by going to Tools » Media Information » Codec tab.

How To Play Video In VLC Frame By Frame

To play video frame by frame in VLC, you need to follow below listed steps. Let take a look at it.

1. Run VLC Media Player on your computer system.

2. Open the video that you want to analyze by going frame by frame.

3. Scroll the video to the point or time where you want to analyze frame by frame. At that point, you need to press the “E shortcut key” on your keyboard.

4. Now video will gets paused and VLC will play the video one frame at a time. To play the next frame, just press the E button again.

Here is another method to play video frame by frame in VLC Media Player. This method uses a button click to go frame by frame. Below are the steps listed.

1. Open VLC Media Player in your system.

2. On the top menu, click on Tools.

3. In the drop-down menu, click on Customize Interface.

4. In the Toolbar Elements, look for the Frame by Frame button.

5. Move/Drag the Frame by Frame button to Line 2 section. It can be placed adjacent to any other button.

6. Close the setting window by clicking on Close.

7. Open any video in VLC Media Player.

8. Now you need click on Frame by Frame button to go frame by frame

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