Do you want to know how to view saved passwords in Chrome for Android? If yes then you need to keep reading this article completely.

Google Chrome is a feature-rich web browser. In fact, it also offers the functionality to easily save passwords online. If you have saved the password in Chrome it will automatically fill the username and password field for that particular website. There is no chance that you will forget your password as it is already saved online securely.

Although there are several password managers available for Chrome. But with, all you need is a Chrome browser. You can easily view saved passwords just by login into your Google account. Many users want to view saved passwords in chrome android. But if passwords are not stored on android then chrome will ask for permission to store passwords.

It can also check the strength and security of stored passwords. Google’s password manager can also generate strong passwords for better online security.

View Saved Passwords On Chrome Android

If you have saved passwords in Chrome passwords then it will automatically fill in the username and password for login. Whenever you sign up on any website or login for the first time then it will notify you to save the password.

Below are the steps you need to view saved passwords on chrome for android.

1. Open Google Chrome for Android.

2. Tap on the three vertical dots which is the Options menu

3. Select Settings from the list near the bottom.

4. Locate and tap on “Passwords” in settings.

5. Now you can scroll through the passwords in the list. Choose the website from the list.

6. Tap on the eye icon to view the saved password.

7. Authenticate yourself by using the lock screen security which you have set up.

Now you will be able to view the saved password in plain text. You can easily copy the username and password just click on the box icon next to the username and password field. It will get copied in a clipboard.

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Delete Passwords In Chrome Android

If some of your username and passwords are no longer needed then you can also delete the passwords from the chrome browser. All you need is to follow the below steps to delete the password in chrome android.

You need to go to Chrome > Three dots > Settings > Passwords. Select the website which you want to modify. Now delete the website by a tap on the Trash icon.

If the sync is enabled, the saved password will get deleted from both chrome android and Google Passwords.

Conclusion: View Saved Passwords Chrome Android

The Chrome browser allows you to easily view, edit, and delete the saved passwords with ease. If you saved a password on a device then the password will get synched to another device that is signed in chrome with the same google account.

We hope you have successfully viewed saved passwords on your chrome android.

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