One of the most well-known media players accessible on a variety of devices is the VLC player. Millions of people use this media player to play media on their portable devices all over the world. Any kind of media on a device can be played by the VLC media player. As a result, many people use VLC as their preferred media player.

We must manually download and install the third-party media player VLC onto our devices. It is simple to uninstall at any moment. In this post, we offer options that will enable you to completely uninstall the VLC media player from your PC if you are unable to remove it from Windows 11/10.

However, a lot of people have had trouble getting rid of the player entirely. Sometimes there are problems other than the uninstaller not responding.

Different choices are readily available on the market for other people. They might wish to experiment with various media players on their laptops to see which one suits them the best. However, there may be factors that lead some people to believe that VLC is malware.

We’ve got your back whether you’re having trouble deleting the player or just want to know how to do so efficiently. You may find a variety of ways in this article to completely uninstall the player from your Windows or macOS devices across all platforms.

Best Ways To Completly Uninstall VLC Media Player On Windows

On Windows 11/10, we can uninstall a software in a variety of ways. The methods listed below can assist you in completely uninstalling the VLC media player from your computer if you are having trouble uninstalling it.

As we proceed, the VLC media player will be totally deleted from our PC. Let’s discuss each solution in more depth.

1. Remove VLC Using Setting App

By simply going to the Settings app, you may uninstall the VLC media player from your Windows 11 PC just like you would any other app.

In order to continue, first navigate to the Start Menu and select the “Settings”. Alternately, you can launch the application by simultaneously pressing Windows and I.

In the opened Windows, click on the “Apps” tab in the left sidebar.

Now click on the “Apps & features” tile to proceed further.

Scroll down the “VLC Media Player” tile in the App list. You can also search for “VLC Media Player” in the search box below App list.

In front of “VLC Media Player” tile, click on the three horizontal icons and then click on “Uninstall

The app will then be removed from your system after you click the “Uninstall” button once more from the confirmation pop-up.

2. Uninstall VLC Media Player Using Control Panel

There are options for uninstalling apps in Control Panel as well. Before the appearance of the Settings app, users of earlier Windows versions mostly utilised Control Panel to remove apps.

To find the Control Panel, first go to the Start Menu and put “Control Panel” into the search bar. To proceed, click the “Control Panel” tile after that.

To continue, select ‘Programs and Features’ from the menu.

After it, double-click on “VLC Media Player” in the list.

Your screen will then display a UAC (User Account Control) window. Enter the login information for an admin account if you don’t already have one. If not, use the “Yes” button to continue.

Next, select the ‘Next’ button from the newly opened window.

Click the checkbox next to the “Delete preferences and cache” option on the following screen. Next, select “Uninstall” from the menu.

3. Remove VLC Media Player on Windows OS Using PowerShell Tool

You can quickly uninstall it by issuing a one-line command if you prefer to work with commands.

To begin, go to the Start Menu and enter “Terminal” into the search box. Next, choose “Run as administrator” from the context menu by right-clicking on the “Terminal” tile.

A UAC window will now show up on your screen. Enter the login information for an admin account if you don’t already have one. If not, use the “Yes” button to proceed.

4. Uninstall VLC Media Player Using VLC Uninstaller.exe

There is an uninstall file in the software’s original location for every programme we install on our computer. The software can be removed from our PC using it. Similarly, the VLC folder on the installation path is where we may find the uninstall.exe file. With its aid, we may totally uninstall the VLC media player from our PC.

Pressing Windows+R on your keyboard will launch the Run utility if you didn’t use a custom directory when installing Windows. Next, enter on your keyboard after typing or copying and pasting the below instruction. Otherwise, go to the special directory where VLC was installed.

“C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\uninstall.exe”

You can also choose to download an uninstaller programme from a third party for the VLC Media Player application. To thoroughly remove the software and all traces of it from your Windows system, try looking for a trustworthy uninstaller tool for your Windows PC.

You can uninstall the VLC media player from your PC using a number of methods. The Settings programme, Control Panel, Uninstall.exe, Windows PowerShell, and other tools can all be used to remove the VLC media player from your computer.

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