Configure Chrome Proxy Settings

A proxy server is an intermediate machine between your computer and the internet. Its main use is to hide your real location and provide you access to blocked websites.

Do you know Google Chrome also uses the computer’s proxy settings to connect to the internet? If you change these settings, it will also affect other programs including browsers connecting to the internet.

In this article, we will tell about how to configure proxy settings in Chrome. Below are the steps you need to take to change proxy settings in Google Chrome.

  • Open Chrome browser and click Chrome’s menu.
  • Select Settings
  • In the settings page, you will see a search in the upper side. Type “Proxy” in it.
  • Click Open your computer’s proxy settings.
  • A Proxy Setting window will open.
  • Under Manual proxy setup, turn on the option of Use a proxy server.
  • In the address box, type the IP address of the proxy server in. The proxy will get delivered in ordered PROXY_IP:PORT_NUMBER like for example In this example would be the IP and 0000 would be the port number.
  • Type the port number in Port box. The default port number will be 8080.
  • If you are connecting to the local network and don’t want to use proxy server then you need to select “Don’t use the proxy server for local (intanet) address.
  • Click “Save”

Now you need to go to or and check which IP shows for your connection.

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