Almost every internet user loves to stream videos for entertainment. Now movies and web series can be enjoyed by sitting at home. All credit goes to video content platforms. Netflix is one of the leading streaming entertainment services. The service has been used by millions of internet users in over 190 countries.

Netflix is always trying to improve its service so that its subscribers get the best content for entertainment.

Nowadays, many of us are working from home. In case, if movie theaters are closed in your area then it will not be possible to watch movies and web series with friends. But there is a way to enjoy web series with friends together virtually.

If you are thinking about how you can watch TV shows and movies with friends but still at home then Netflix Party or Teleparty is the answer for this. There is a browser extension for Google Chrome that lets you enjoy video content on Netflix with friends. It is not an official browser extension from Netflix and provided for free in Chrome Web Store.

What is Netflix Party(Teleparty)?

Netflix Party now known as Teleparty is a Chrome browser extension that allows you to watch movies and web series together with friends online. Not only Netflix, but you can also watch Disney Plus, Hulu, and HBO in sync with friends. There is a limit on the number of users joining the watch party. You can host up to 50 people in a chat room.

The extension can play the video in sync. It means that if one of your friends watching a movie pauses the video then all other screens will also get paused and will resume at the same time.

It also has a group chat feature by which you can post your thoughts on a currently running movie or show. One of the benefits of Teleparty extension is that you don’t need to register or signup. All you need is just the Party link.

Requirements For Netflix Party (Teleparty)

If you want to use Netflix Party Extension (Teleparty) then below are its requirements.

  • Google Chrome browser installed either on Windows computer, Mac or Chromebook.
  • A Netflix account that can be logged in. Separate accounts are needed.
  • Internet connection should be fast and stable.

Download Netflix Party Extension

In order to use the extension, first, you need to download the Netflix Party Extension. You can download it from Chrome Web Store on your Google Chrome browser.

Below are steps you need to follow to install the Netflix Party extension on the Chrome browser:

  • Open the website Netflix Party and click the Install Teleparty. Another way to install the extension to visit the Chrome Extension page.
  • On the Chrome Web Store, click Add to Chrome and then Add Extension command button.
  • Now the extension will get downloaded and installed in Chrome.
  • A Tp icon will appear in the upper right-hand corner.

To host a Netflix Party together with your friends, click on the extension icon and you will ready to go with Netflix Party.

How To Host A Netflix Watch Party?

After installing the Netflix Party extension for Chrome, you need to follow these steps to host a watch party with your friends.

1. Go to the official website of Netflix and any movie show you want to watch in the Netflix Party with your group.

2. Click on the red Tp button and it will turn the video into the Teleparty or Netflix Party.

3. You can provide yourself the control of playback or leave it open to everyone at the party.

4. After selecting the preference, click on Start the party.

3. Now you can share the party URL with your friends and invite them to join it.

A live chat section will be provided in the Netflix Party. The group member can share their thought about the movie or show in real-time.

How To Join A Netflix Watch Party

If you are not a host and you are invited by your friend to join the watch party on Netflix. Well, before joining the watch party make sure you have a box full of popcorns to enjoy.

  • At first, get the Netflix party link from the host of the watch party.
  • Install the Netflix Party Extension.
  • Open the watch party link and you will get the video in sync with your friends.

Enjoy the movie or TV show and have fun together in real-time chat.

Conclusion: Netflix Party Extension

Are you and your friends are living far from each other? If yes you must be missing going to the cinema with your friends together. You don’t need to worry. Just install the Netflix Party extension, host a watch party and watch any movie together.

You can also easily comment about any particular scene of the video in real-time with your friends. The extension allows you to watch and comment on the show or movie remotely.

It will be better if the extension comes with support for other popular browsers. Have you used the Netflix Watch Party? How is experience? Let us know about it in the comment section.

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