In this article, you will learn about how to update Google Chrome on Windows OS, macOS, and Linux OS. As we already know, Google Chrome is the most popular and widely used web browser on multiple devices. It has been used on different devices including computers and handheld devices.

To enjoy the latest features and remain secure online, one must keep using the latest version of Google Chrome. Many internet users don’t know the importance of the latest & updated web browsers. So they rarely check to know whether the browsing which they are using is latest or not.

The process of updating Google Chrome on any computer is very simple. Also, the process remains the same for all operating systems including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Most of the modern web browsers including Chrome browser get automatically updated. But sometime due to some issue browser unables to get automatically updates which leads to errors like ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED , slow page loading in chrome, passwords not saving in chrome etc.

So let’s proceed further and know about how to update Google Chrome on a laptop or computer.

Steps To Update Google Chrome

In case, you want to know that is there any update available for chrome or not, you can use below listed steps and update the browser right away.

Here are steps you need to follow to update the chrome browser on your computer or laptop.

1. Open Google Chrome browser.

2. Click on three-vertical dots in upper-left corner of chrome and point to “Help” in the menu and click “About Google Chrome”.

3. The Chrome browser will automatically start looking for the update.

4. If there is an update, it will get downloaded and chrome will ask for the relaunch.

Now Chrome has been updated to the latest version on your computer. If your computer have latest Chrome version installed then you will see a message “Google Chrome is up to date“.

Google Chrome Update Frequency

You may be thinking that how many times you should update the Google Chrome browser? The browser updates should installed at earliest to prevent any security issues.

The updates frequency of the Chrome browser usually depends on Chrome channel which you are using. There are four types of Chrome channels and all these have different update frequency.

1. Google Chrome Stable: It is the stable & recommended version of Google Chrome that most of the internet user uses. It gets updated once or twice in a month.

2. Google Chrome Beta: The beta version of the software is partially unstable. It gets updated on weekly basis. If you want to try out the new feature of Chrome then go for the beta version of it.

3. Google Chrome Dev: This version is preferred by developers. It is also updated on weekly basis and remains unstable.

4. Google Chrome Canary: It is highly unstable version of chrome browser and updated on daily basis.

Conclusion: How To Update Google Chrome

To remain secure online, it is best to install Google Chrome updates on regular basis. Every update of the browser includes fixes for boges and new features.

So it is better you know how to update Google Chrome on your laptop. IYou will be able to enjoy new features without any delay.

If you any problem in update Google Chrome, plz tell us in the comment section.

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