Nowadays, almost every popular web browser comes with many advanced functions. The browsers like  Chrome, Firefox, and Edge allow you to mute tabs. Although many users don’t need this feature,  it comes in handy in many cases.

The internet has filled with websites that plays videos automatically, when a user visits the website. Also, auto-play of video distract the user from his main task.

Many times, we open multiple tabs in the Chrome browser, and some of them have websites that cause some issues. These sites contain YouTube videos & ads and other video ads. Muting the tab is the fastest yet temporary fix for the issue.

You can also easily fix sound not working in Google Chrome.

Do you know, how you can mute tabs in the Google Chrome browser? If not, here are some of the methods to follow for you.

Mute Websites In Chrome Individually

Muting any particular tab or website in Google Chrome simple and easy. Within few clicks, you can get any tab muted. Let’s go further and know about the steps for muting tabs.

1. Go to the site which you want to mute. For example:

2. Right-click on tab and select “Mute site”.

Similarly, you can mute the sound of any website for any tab. To unmute the tab, follow the same procedure.

Key Shortcuts To Mute Tabs In Chrome

Although you can follow the first method to mute tabs in Chrome with ease. But there are also keyboard shortcuts which can do same task for you.

Many computer users do many task like copy-paste with keyboard shocuts. They are lazy enough to get three hands on mouse ot touchpad. So here are the keyboard shortcuts for this:

  • Mute All Tabs In Current WindowAlt + Shift + ,
  • Mute/Unmute Selected Tab OnlyAlt + Shift + M
  • Mute All Tabs Except The Current OneAlt + Shift + N

So these are three keyboard shortcuts combinations that help you to mute your Chrome tabs. You can apply any keyboard shortcuts as per your need. If you wants to mute all the tab in the Windows, simple use the keyboard shortcut for muting tabs. It will be hassel-free.

Conclusion: Mute Chrome Tab

If you get disturbed by audio of diffrent ads and videos on any website then mute the site on the Chrome tab will be the best option for you. It will be you to keep focus and don’t get distracted with sudden playing audios.

The keyboard shortcuts for muting tab comes handy in different situations. Like in some case, you want to immdeiately mute the tab then keyboard shortcuts will be helpful.

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