Make Firefox Run Faster: Mozilla Firefox is a popular web browser and used by many internet users around the world. Due to it provide greater customization features and fast speed, users love Mozilla Firefox. According to some tests, the speed of Firefox web browser is more than Google Chrome. But many times, it got slower without an apparent reason. Most of the non-techies will find it difficult to cater the problem of slow Firefox.

Whether you own a high-speed internet connection, a slow browser can not take full benefit of a high-speed internet connection. The problem of slow Firefox includes various issues like Firefox hangs, slow page loading slow switch from one tab to other, slow startup time of Firefox, frequent crash and issue related to YouTube videos.

But in this article you will be given best tips to make Firefox run faster. Your question of How to increase Firefox speed will be answered here. This article will give tips which include tweaking Firefox settings & configurations. It will also tell you to do some basic task to speed up Firefox.

Lets proceed on the way to make Firefox to run faster.

Tips To Make Firefox Run Faster: Speed Up Firefox

Below are the some tweaks & basic tasks which can easily speed up your slow Firefox. Lets proceed.

1. Refresh Firefox

Refreshing Firefox is the one of the best way to make Firefox faster. This command of Refresh Firefox will bring most of the Firefox setting to its default. Before you Refresh Firefox, first you should know about what actually happens when we perform Firefox refresh. In Firefox, Profile Folder contain the browser setting and other important data. Before this refresh, Firefox creates a new Profile Folder and back up all of the important Firefox data in this.

Firefox will save Browsing History, Bookmarks, Open Windows & Tabs, Passwords, Auto-Fill info, Cookies and Personal Dictionary.

Which Items Will Be Deleted

  • Themes & Extensions
  • Download History
  • Website Permissions
  • Download History
  • Social Features
  • Plugin Settings
  • Search Engines you have added
  • DOM Storage

For refreshing Firefox, you need to type about:support in URL bar of Firefox and enter. In Right, you will see a button Refresh Firefox and proceed.

You can also go to and you will find Refresh Firefox button on this web page. It will work only when you use latest version of Firefox.

2. Clear Browser History

It’s highly recommended to clear your browser history once in a week. Our main aim is to clear cache & cookies of web browser. Though keeping it will speed up loading speed of web page. But if these temporary file will kept for many days then web browser will surely become heavy. In this situation, Firefox will hang and page loading speed will be low.

You should use CCleaner to clean temporary files from your system. It will efficiently clean all temporary files of web browser installed in your PC.

For deleting browser history from Firefox, Click on Menu > History, Click On Clear Recent History > Select Everything and Clear Now.

3. Pipelining

Pipelining is feature which is built-in the configuration of Firefox and many websites have already talked about this features. Pipelining allows Firefox to send multiple request  to web server at a moment. We have enable the feature of Pipelining in order to make Firefox to use it.

1. In URL bar of Firefox type about:config and hit Enter

2. On this screen, you will see plenty of configuration. We have to look for network.http.pipelining configuration.

3. Below URL bar there will be search box type network.http.pipelining. Now you will have configuration related to Pipelining

4. There will be many configuration related to Pipeling but we have to configure network.http.pipelining.

5. The configuration for network.http.pipelining will be default set to False. You need to double-click on it to set it to True.

6. Now you need to set network.http.pipelining.aggressive and network.http.pipelining.ssl to True. Also set network.http.pipelining.maxrequests to 8. It will be default set to 32.

4. Enable HTTP Cache

By enabling http cache, your Firefox will get rid of most UI lags and other browser slowness issues. For enabling http cache in Firefox, you have follow below steps:

  • Type about:config in URL bar and hit enter
  • Now type browser.cache.use_new_backend in search.
  • Double click on its setting and set it to 1. Before it, it set to 0.
  • Now Firefox will use HTTP cache as it is enabled now.

5. Adblock Plus

Another addon is Adblock Plus which is very famous for blocking ads on any web page. You should install Adblock Plus in order to make web browsing faster. Ads also consumes data in order to load in web page.

6. Safe Mode

Safe Mode is a feature built-in Firefox which disable themes and plugin installed in Firefox. The question is that how safe mode can be beneficial to speedup Firefox. The answer is that when you browse the web in safe mode, theme and plugin will not affect browsing as they are disabled.

It will let you to find that if there is any plugin or theme is the culprit of slow Firefox. After that in normal mode, you should enable all plugins one by one to find that plugin causing slowness.

7. Final

After doing all the above tasks to make Firefox run faster, if your Firefox is still slow then there is only few points you should consider. Uninstall currently installed Firefox and install a fresh copy of latest Firefox. Also uninstall and install all addons.

Still if you are not experiencing faster Firefox then you should upgrade you computer hardware to higher end.

Conclusion: Now Make Firefox Faster

So these are tips and tweaks to make Firefox run faster. If you are experiencing slowness in Firefox then you should apply these tips to speed up Firefox. It is highly recommended to keep number of plugin at minimum as they can consume CPU usage and memory.

If you have nay trick to speed up Firefox tell that in comment section.

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