How To Increase Internet Speed? Most of the computer users have similar questions. One of the most asked question by modern-day computer users is How they can boost or increase internet speed. Gone are the days when we have to adjust to the slow dial-up connection. In today’s days of modern technologies, everyone wants to complete their tasks on the internet in minimum time. Who wants to waste his time on a slow internet connection.

A faster internet connection will help you to perform every task on us at fast speed. A faster connection will also save your precious time and increase productivity. Use of the internet is increasing day by day and it has already become an important part of our life.

How To Increase Internet Speed

We do various important tasks on the internet like checking emails, watching videos, listening music online, chatting, video chatting, getting useful information and much more. There are many webmasters and bloggers whose bread & butter totally depends on the internet. Without a fast internet connection, you cannot perform most of the work on the internet with ease.

Webmasters and Bloggers do their all of the tasks on the web which include uploading images and videos. If they have a slow internet connection, they can not even imagine uploading a 500MB video file on their website. Even if you want to stream any video or want to video chat, this can only be done with a faster internet connection.

If you already own a decent speed internet connection but not getting proper speed, there are some tips and tricks to increase internet speed.

Below are some tips which will surely improve internet speed.

Tips To Increase Internet Speed (Boost Internet Speed)

1. Get A Faster Internet Connection

No tips and tricks will increase internet speed unless you have a decent speed internet connection at first place. How can you imagine to get faster internet speed with a slower internet connection?

You should get a broadband internet connection or a fiber connection. These type of internet connection are pretty fast and will give many time more speed than a dial-up connection. You can also opt for a 3G or 4G internet connection. 4th generation Internet speed is very fast and can give you speed up to 100Mbps.

2. Get A Faster Computer

Imagine a situation, you have decent high-speed broadband internet connection but you are using it on a slower computer which is too old and have single-core processor & very less RAM. What will be the outcome? Nothing. In this situation, you will get a slower speed because your computer is not capable to fetch maximum data speed from an internet connection.

In order to solve this problem, you should get a modern computer with decent hardware configuration. It is highly recommended to have at least dual-core processor in PC which is backed by minimum 2GB RAM if you are on Microsoft Windows.

If you have more budget get a computer with latest Intel core processor with 4GB RAM, your computer will surely pretty fast with such a configuration. A fast computer with a faster internet connection will give your maximum internet speed. You can also fix your slow computer and get faster internet speed.

3. Use Public DNS Service

It’s highly recommended to use fastest public DNS servers operated by some big companies around the world. Domain Name System also a major role in the speed of internet connection. A slower domain server cannot resolve DNS queries fast.

You can use Google Public DNS or OpenDNS. This two public dns are free and provide high-quality performance. They will also not let your internet down due to DNS issues. The servers of these public DNS services always operate at their high-speed.

4. Use Full Bandwidth Of Internet Connection

Microsoft Windows reserves 20 percent of internet bandwidth. We need to tweak some settings in order to use the full bandwidth of internet connection. In order to tweak this setting, first, you should click on the Start Button. After that type gpedit.msc and run.

After that you need to go through Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates >Network > QoS Packet Scheduler. After this, you need to change the bandwidth limit percentage to 0 by clicking on Limit reservable bandwidth. First, you should enable it.

5. Proper Use Of Temporary Internet Files

Most people will say that you should delete & clean temporary internet files including caches and cookies. But it is highly recommended to keep cookies and cache of websites in order to open any webpage in a fraction of seconds. This cookies and cache of the website will be first fetched when you will load the website. If these files are already stored in the computer than website loading time will automatically become fast.

But it is also advised to clear all temporary files once a week. You should also clean web browser history once in a week. It’s because if the size of temporary files get large than it will slow down the PC and web browsing.

6. Computer Maintenance

Computer Maintenance is also a major point in the list of tips for boost internet speed. A proper maintained PC will perform better in most situation. In maintenance work you should do tasks like cleaning inside the computer system, preventing computer viruses, disk cleanup, and disk defragmentation.

7. Use A Modern Fast Web Browser

A modern fast web browser will give you a faster internet speed. Web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are modern-day browsers and provide very fast speed on all web pages. These web browsers support the latest web standards for the modern web.

Always make sure you are using the latest version of any web browser you use.

8. Use Decent Router or Modem

It’s highly recommended to use a decent router or modem accordingly. You should first check the speed of internet connection provide by ISP and choose a router or modem accordingly (speed of internet connection).

For e.g., If you have an internet connection which provides speed up to 10 Mbps. But your router or modem is only capable of getting 5Mbps speed. In this situation, you will not get full speed due to the low capacity of the router. You should upgrade these devices to improve internet speed or boost internet speed.

9. Use Minimum Plugins & Extensions In Web Browser

It is highly recommended to install only those plugin and extension in browsers which are required. You should only use those extensions which are required on daily basis. Uninstall all unwanted plugins & extensions. More plugins & extension consumes more CPU usage and memory.

You can easily make google chrome faster just by minimizing the number of plugins installed.

10. Miscellaneous Tips

  • Install IDM (Internet Download Manager) or any other free download manager. It’s a great software which can easily increase download speed.
  • Use CCleaner to clean all temporary files from the computer.
  • Prevent unwanted programs from using internet bandwidth.
  • Block ads from web pages by installing Adblock add-on. This browser add-on is available for all major web browsers.
  • Browse top software downloading websites for best downloading speed
  • Take help from ISP. It can be a technical problem at ISP’s end.
  • Always use latest and genuine software on the computer.

Conclusion: Now Increase Internet Speed (Improve Internet Speed)

So these are these surefire tips which will let you to increase internet speed. Most of the common & available solution has been provided in the above list.

You are also welcomed to give any point to increase internet speed. Feel free to ask any question related to this tutorial in the comment section.

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