Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers available for both computers and mobile. Most computer users use Chrome and Firefox for their web browsing needs. As both these web browsers are really fast. Whether you have a fast internet connection, a slow web browser negatively affects the performance of internet speed.

If you are facing the problem of slow Google Chrome speed then you can easily speed up Chrome by applying some useful tips on your favorite browser (Chrome).

Out of the box, Google Chrome is already blazing fast. But sometimes due to several reasons like high RAM usage, unnecessary extensions, improper browser settings, etc; Chrome feels sluggish.

You can not afford to browser the web on a slow web browser. Your work productivity will surely be going to suffer due to slow web browsing. So what should you do? You just need to apply some of the basic tips & tweak to make chrome faster.

So let’s proceed and know how we can speed up Google Chrome to get the best performance from an internet connection.

Fix Slow Page Loading In Google Chrome

Below are some tips & tweaks which you can use to make chrome speedier and stable.

1. Update Chrome Browser To Latest Stable Version

If you are running an older version of Chrome then it might be the cause of slow web browsing. First, you should update the Chrome browser to its latest version. It will fix all bugs that would be in the older version and also brings additional features which can speed up Chrome. Google is always putting continuous effort to make its web browser “Chrome” as fast as possible. So with every version of their web browsing software, they integrate new features & fix bugs to make it stable and fast. So it is vital to keep your web browser updated to its latest version or you can also download its latest version.

2. Clear Browsing Data

If you want to make Chrome fast or make Firefox Faster then you should clear its browsing data on regular basis. This browsing data includes This process will clear Google Chrome cache & cookies, login details, and some other data which can make your web browser heavier, if not cleaned on regular basis. In fact, all this browsing data is temporary data.

If you have not cleared the browsing data of your web browser for a long time then it might be the cause of slow web browsing. It is necessary to clear browsing data over a regular period but not daily.

3. Delete Unnecessary Extensions

Sometimes Chrome extensions are also responsible for their sluggish speed. If you want to speed up chrome, you should use browser extensions at a minimum number. There is much software which tries to install search bars, change homepage URL and some other unnecessary task. You should check for it in your browser and immediately uninstall it as it can increase chrome’s RAM usage.

So go and check which plugin you need really, delete unwanted plugins, and manage Google Chrome extensions properly.

4. Enable Predict Network Actions

Google Chrome integrated a feature that predicts network actions to make web page loading faster. Chrome’s latest version always comes with the “Prefetching” feature by default. But also need to make sure that this feature always remains working.

On Computer:

  • Click on the hamburger icon in the top-right corner of the chrome.
  • Click on Settings in the menu.
  • Click on Advanced Settings (At the bottom of the page).
  • In the “Privacy” section, make the check on “Prefetch resources to load pages more quickly.”

On Android Devices:

  • Go to “Settings” by clicking on Menu
  • Under “Advanced” go to “Privacy”
  • Tap “Prefetch page resources
  • Now you will be provided with the following three options:

Always: Chrome will always preload web pages even when you’re using mobile data.

Only on Wi-Fi: It is the default option.

Never: Select this option if don’t want to use Google Chrome’s preloading feature.

5. Close Unused Tabs

You should close any unused tabs in chrome. If you open more tabs for web browsing on chrome, it will increase the memory consumption and result in the slowness of the system & browser. To free up resources close all the unused tabs in Chrome.

Some Miscellaneous Tips To Speed Up Chrome

  • Load web pages without images in chrome.
  • Scan your computer system with the latest antivirus software as any malware running in the system can cause slowness.
  • Increase the memory size of your computer

There are also some experimental features in Chrome that can make it faster. But enabling those experimental features can make you unstable

Conclusion: Now Make Chrome Faster

So these are some tips & tweaks which can help you to browse the web on Chrome in a faster way. At the basic level, you should keep your web browser updated and clear its browsing data on regular basis. It will ensure smooth & secure web browsing.

There may be also some issues with your internet connection. So before tweaking the settings of Chrome, you should ensure that your internet connection is working properly.

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