Mozilla Firefox is a popular web browser. It is well-known for its privacy features. The browser can be used on different operating systems like Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and more. Many internet users use Firefox for browsing websites, watching videos, accessing email, and more. In Firefox, many times, you face different types of errors.

In this article, we will discuss an error ‘Network Protocol Error’ in Firefox. You need to fix this error before using Mozilla Firefox.

So before telling about fixing the network protocol error in Firefox, we will tell you what is network protocol error?

What is Network Protocol Error?

The Network Protocol Error occurs due to the cache memory of Firefox. Some times user gets “Corrupted Content Error” rather than “Network Protocol Error”. The reason for both of these errors is the same. It means the errors can be fixed by using similar methods.

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Fix Network Protocol Error on Mozilla Firefox

1. Reload the Webpage

You don’t need to make any major changes in the browser. To fix the “Network Protocol Error”, at first you should reload the webpage while bypassing the cache. To do this, press ‘Ctrl + F5‘ or ‘Ctrl + Shift + R‘ keys. By doing this, the webpage will get refreshed from the server level and it will ignore the Firefox cache. This way the network protocol error will get fixed.

If this method does not work, you can proceed with the next method.

2. Clear Firefox Cache

To clear the cache memory of Mozilla Firefox. you need to follow the below-listed steps.

Step 1. In Firefox Menu, click on Options and go to Privacy & Security.

Step 2. Under Cookies and Site Data, click on the “Clear Data” option.

Step 3. A popup will appear with both two options ‘Cookies and Site Data‘ and ‘Cached Web Content‘ checked. Click on the “Clear” button.

Once you clear all cookies and site data, all of your signed-in accounts will get signout in the Firefox browser. You can easily log in again to your online accounts. Now the Network Protocol Error will get fixed.


So by following all these steps, you can easily fix the Network Protocol Error in Firefox and enjoy the web browser in your favorite browser.

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