Many computer users on Google Chrome and Touchscreen device faces a problem of mouse cursor being disappeared. If you are one of them then we will tell you how to get your mouse cursor back while browsing on Chrome.

Although there is no need of mouse on a touchscreen computer. But users feel much  comfortable when working with a mouse on their computer.

One of my friend had faced similar problem. He got a Surface Pro device with Windows OS is running on it. Whenever he turn on touchscreen mode, the mouse cursor just disappears. The problem of mouse curosr not showing up in chrome was very frequent.

The cursor disappears when the Chrome browser is in use. In this situtaion most of us will think that the issue is with computer hardware, something is defected or problem with Windows OS. But the really issue is with the Chrome browser.

While scrolling through the webpage in Chrome the mouse cursor reappears. But while reading or browsing, the mouse cursor disappears. For other programs & apps the, the mouse cursor is there and can be used with ease. But the pointer got hidden only in chrome.

We tried different fixes & tweaks in Chrome and the problem got fixed temporarily.

You need to follow the below steps to fix the issue of the mouse cursor disappearing in Chrome.

Close Chrome from Task Manager

If you are facing the issue of the mouse pointer disappearing in the chrome browser then you need to restart the program by completing closing it.

To do it:

1. Open the Task Manager

2. In the list of programs running, select Google Chrome

3.Click on “End Task” button.

Now all the existing & background running Chrome processes will get closed.

After completing closing all the chrome processes, you need to reopen the Chrome browser and use it. Now you will see the cursor in Google Chrome browser.

Now you will see cursor will reappear temporarily in Chrome browser.

Although it is a boring process to close running thread but it will resolve the issue of mouse cursor disappearing in chrome.

Restart Chrome With chrome://restart Command

You can use another way to restart the browser rather than closing all the chrome running processes from the task manager.

To relaunch the browser, just issue the restart function in chrome. In this case, there is no need to end the chrome running threads.

Before restarting the browser, make sure you have saved all the edits. Relaunching the browser will close all of it tabs and running extensions.

Enable/Disable Hardware Acceleration

Hardware Acceleration is features of Chrome browser that enhances the functionality of browser and make it work smoothly. Infact, it improves the display performance of your browser.

This features uses your computer’s hardware for smoothing functioning of the browser. So it can be a compactivity issues that leads to mouse cursor to disappear.

To check it, you should disable the hardware acceleration in chrome.

1. Open the Chrome browser

2. In top-right corner click on Menu Icon and navigate to Settings.

3. In Settings, scroll down to Advanced Settings.

4. Under System section, toggle off or on the Use hardware acceleration when available‘ option.

You need to toggle Off or On based on its system settings and check whether the cursor reappears or not.

Enable Your Mouse

Many times, the mouse cursor gets disabled by mistake. To enable the cursor, you can press F3 (Fn+F3) or F7 (Fn+F7) or F9 (Fn+F9) or F11 (Fn+F11) keys.

Reinstall Chrome

You can also try uninstalling & reinstalling the chrome browser to check whether the mouse cursor disppearence problem get solved or not.

Use Google Chrome Alternative

If none of the above mentioned fixes do not works then you shift you web browsing task to Chrome alternative browsers like Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Opera browser. In case, you want Chromium based browser then Microsoft Edge should be your goto option.


So these are ways that can help to fix the issue of mouse cursor disappears in Chrome. All of these fixes will provide you solution temporarily. You may need to reapply fixes if the issue appears again.

I hope you will be able to get your mouse cursor back in chrome. Let me know which of the fixes helped you fix the issue of cursor disappearance.

If there is any other method that work for you, plz tell me in the comment section.

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