Everyone is in a joyful spirit as Christmas draws near. Why should the software industry support it if everyone has the right to celebrate this happy and Merry Christmas? The arrival of Christmas and New Year’s is being heralded loudly on many websites and software platforms with attractive deals and seasonal greetings. One of the most well-known media players in the world—the VLC Media Player—is among them.

It’s that time of year once more. In addition to its typical traffic cone emblem, VLC has added a Santa hat to signal the approaching holiday season. Others might want to get rid of the Santa Hat Christmas icon that VLC automatically displays, however other people might prefer it.

On the eve of Christmas, VLC Media Player decks out its cone with a Santa hat, which remains on VLC cone until January 1st.

If you don’t want to see the Christmas hat in VLC player, you can easily turn it off on Windows and Mac using the instructions below.

In order to surprise its customers and wish them a Merry Christmas in a special and widespread way, the VLC Media Player developers inserted it as an Easter Egg. Most users probably believe that VLC Media Player updates itself automatically through the Internet, just like Firefox and Chrome do. But it is simply untrue. VLC doesn’t automatically update over the Internet; instead, a change in dates causes the symbol to change (i.e. arrival of 19th December). VLC changes the icon to a Santa hat as soon as it identifies the dates.

You can easily turn off the Santa symbol in VLC if you don’t like the thought of having your modifications and default look disturbed. This guide shows you how to remove the Santa hat icon from VLC and replace it with the orange VLC icon that is often displayed. The lesson is compatible with all operating systems, including Windows, several LINUX variations, and Mac OS X, as VLC is a cross-platform programme.

Steps For Disabling Santa hat icon in VLC Player

Please read the information below for specific instructions on how to turn off (or on) the Santa Hat Holiday Icon in VLC Media Player:

1. Open VLC Media Player.

2. Go to Tools > Preferences (Ctrl+P).

3. At the bottom-left corner of the window, select Show Settings to ‘All‘.

4. In the left-panel of the window, expand the Main Interface and click on Qt.

5. In the Qt settings window, scroll down and Uncheck the ☐ Allow automatic icon changes box. It will disable the VLC holiday icon.

6. Click on Save and close the player.

To see the changes, you need to restart the VLC Media Player.

You will see that the holiday icon is no longer present after the software has been restarted. On the screen, there will only be a typical cone icon.

Although you would believe that this Santa icon is located someplace in the program’s installation directory, it is not. Instead, a Dynamic Link Library (.dll) file contains this icon. The procedure mentioned above is currently the only option to get rid of the Santa icon. But I’m looking into the code that makes this icon change possible. Who, however, would want to alter this adorable emblem, which also does no harm to anyone? And lastly, a belated Happy Holidays and New Year to everyone.

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