Fix Chrome Not Saving Passwords

Nowadays, we create accounts on different websites. Many of the websites are only accessible when we have an online account on them. For security reasons, we need to set different passwords. We also need to make sure that the password is stronger and different for each online account.

It is always recommended to use a password manager to securely save your online login credentials. The popular web browser Google Chrome has a built-in password saving and auto sign-in feature. It is of great help for many internet users. The browser prompts you to save your login credentials whenever you log in to any website.

Many times, Chrome fails to save passwords. The issue can be encountered on both Windows and Mac computers.

If you are also facing this issue of Chrome not saving passwords then keep reading it. We will tell you about the possible reason for the issue along with its solutions.

Reason Why Google Chrome Not Saving Passwords

This issue has been reported on both Windows-based computers as well as Mac computers. So the problem is not OS-specific. In fact, the issue is in the Google Chrome browser. Below are some of the reasons that make Chrome not saving passwords.

  • Password Saving Feature Disabled

By default, Chrome’s password saving feature is enabled. If you have disabled this feature then Chrome will not prompt you to save passwords.

  • Corrupt User Profile

If you are using a corrupt user profile in Chrome then may face this issue. All you need is to create a new user profile.

  • Chrome Bug

Any bug in the Chrome browser will lead to improper functioning of the browser. Most of the time developers provide quicks fixes via updates. So make sure that you are using the latest version of chrome browser.

  • Chrome Not Allowed To Save Data

If Chrome is not allowed to save any kind of data then this issue might arise. You need to disable this feature so that chrome is allowed to save data.

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Ways To Fix Chrome Not Saving Passwords

The issue Google Chrome is not able to save passwords can easily be fixed if we know the exact cause of it. Below is the possible solution that we need to apply one after another.

Fix 1. Update Google Chrome To Latest Version

It is the simplest and easiest solution of this issue. If you are using an outdated version of Chrome version then may see some bugs and glitches. By updating it to the latest version, you will get previous bugs and glitches fixed. Although Chrome automatically updates itself to the latest version. But many times, it does not get updates.

To update Google Chrome on your computer, below are steps

  1. Click on three vertical dot in top right corner
  2. Hover over “Help” and click “About Google Chrome”.
  3. The browser will check itself for the latest updates and install it if there are any.

Fix 2. Log Out and Back Into Google Your Account

This is probably the easiest fix for this issue. You just need to log out of your Google account (if you are already loggedin) and log back in. Here are the steps you need to follow.

1. Click on the three vertical dots at the top-right corner and select Settings.

2. Next to the username, click on “Turn off”.

A prompt tilted “Turn off sync and personalization” will appear. It will stat that “This will sign you out of your Google Accounts. Your bookmarks, history, passwords, and more will no longer be synced.

3. Click on “Turn off” button in the popup box.

4. Now click on “Turn on sync…” button.

5. Enter the login details of your google account and sign in back into your account.

6. A prompt will appear. Click on “Yes, I’m in”.

Fix3. Allow Chrome To Save Password

In Settings, If Google Chrome is not allowed to save passwords then this issue will arise. We need to enable this feature and allow Chrome to save passwords. If this feature is already enabled, just move to the next fix.

1. Click on three vertical dots and select Settings.

2. Under Autofill section, click on Passwords.

3. Now you need to Toggle the switch next to ‘Offer to save passwords’. Also scroll down to “Never Saved” and check for the website for which you are enable to save passowrd. If it is there, click on cross next its name.

4. Resatrt Google Chrome. We expect you will be able to save passwords now.

Fix 4. Check Chrome Local Data Settings

Your Google Chrome browser should be allowed to save local data. Although Chrome is allowed to save local data by default. But if the setting for this is enabled then the browser will not be able maintain its local data when its closed.

1. In Chrome, click on three vertical dots in upper-right corner and select Settings.

2. Scroll down to Privacy and security, click on “cookies and other site data”.

3. Under the General Settings, you need to make sure that the “clear cookies and site data when you close all windows” isn’t enable. If it is enabled, disable it and restart the browser.

Fix 5. Clear Chrome’s Cache and Cookies

If you have not cleared cache and cookies of the browser from a long-time then it may cause improper functioning of the browser. So we need to clear ir from time to time. Below is the procedure to clear it.

1. Click on three vertical dots in upper right corner of Chrome browser.

2. Hover on “More tools” option and click on choose “clear browsing data” from the menu.

3. Click on the “Advanced” tab and check mark: browsing history, cookies and other site data, and cached images and files. The Time Range should be “All time”.

4. Click “Clear data”.

Restart the compouter to check if the problem is resolved or not.

Fix 6. Disable Chrome Extensions

If none of the above listed fix is not working then you should try disabling all the extensions installed in your browser and if the chrome password manager works or not.

1. Click three vertical dots in upper-right corner of Chrome.

2. Hover over “More tools” and click “Extensions” in the menu.

3. The extension page will open with the list of all installed extensions.

4. Disable all extensions and restart the browser.

Check if the problem is fixed. If the problem is fixed then re-enable the extension one by one until you find the conflitcing extension. If the problem is not fixed, proceed for the next fix.

Fix 7. Remove Harmful Software From Your Computer

Sometimes some harmful programs installed in your system conlficts with your browser. Chrome has a built-in compinet to find and remove harmful softwares on your computer. To proceed with it, you need to follow below steps:

1. Go to Chrome’s Settings by clicking three vertical dots.

2. Scroll down to the “Adavanced” option and click on it.

3. Scroll down again to find the option ” ‘Clean up computer’ under the Reset and clean up title. Click on it.

4. Tick the box “Report details….” and  click on the Find button.

5. If Chrome finds any harmful program, it will prompt your to remove it.

Fix 8. Reset The Browser To Default Settings

Reset the browser will bring it to its defualt settings and state. Before trying out this solution, make sure you take a backup of all your browser data and settings by syncing it.

  1. Click on three vertical dots in the to-right corner of Chrome and select Settings.
  2. Scroll down untill to see “Advacned” and click on it.
  3. Under Reset and clean up, click Restore settings to their original defaults.
  4. Click “Reset Settings”.
  5. Restart the browser.

We hope that all the above listed solution have helped you to fixed the issue of Chrome not saving passwords.

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