Best Free Public DNS Servers: In this post I am going to tell you about best free public dns servers. DNS is a short form of Domain Name System or Server. DNS is a common term in Internet world. I can say without DNS, you can not browse the Internet.

Domain Name Server is a vital part of Internet Architecture. DNS simply translates Domain name in to IP Address. Every time you connect to the internet, your ISP automatically assign required DNS addresses to your connection. With out DNS, you can not be able to open any web page on Internet. DNS is like a phonebook for the Internet which contains hostname and their respective IP address. Whenever, your web browser send request for resolving a host name like, it translates this hostname into its IP address which is Imagine a situation when you need enter the IP address to open a particular website. How can you remember thousand of IP address? Thats why here are hostname and DNS makes it super-easy to open any site by just entering its hostname like

A DNS system consists of two type of servers:

  • Authoritative DNS Server
  • Recursive DNS Server

Authoritative DNS Server are the computer system which actually contains the required information of website or hostname and it also knows the mapping of Hostname to its IP address. They are source of information for Recursive DNS Servers. These servers are mostly manged by Web hosting companies.

On other hand, whenever your browser send the request for a web page, this request first will be sent to recursive DNS Servers. These servers are usually manged by ISP or any other organization like Google, OpenDNS and many more. This post is all about best recursive dns servers or best public dns servers.

Why I am recommending you to use public dns server rather than ISP’s DNS. It’s because ISP’s DNS servers are not optimized to take the load of request and can not provide fast speed to your internet connection. At peak internet hours, your connection will surely suffer slowness, if you are using ISP’s DNS. If it goes down, you will not be able to browse the web, unless it went up. These servers are prone to any dns attacks.

While free public dns servers are optimized to take any amount of load and will provide fast speed all time. There will be no downtime for your internet, if you use public dns server as most of these servers uses anycast routing technology. If one server goes down, other server near your location will be up to server your internet needs. Also these server are fully secured to any type of security attack.

List of Best Free Public DNS Servers

1. OpenDNS: Best Public DNS Server

OpenDNS is the best free public dns server. OpenDNS servers provides faster and secure internet. If you want to prevent malwares when internet browsing, OpenDNS is here for you. It provides malware filtering when you configure it accordingly. It also provides family shield to protect your family from inappropriate websites. You can configure all the setting accordingly from your dashboard. It also provides great Phishing protection along with anti-fraud and identity theft protection service.

You will never experience any slowdown and downtime related to DNS, if you use OpenDNS. They uses anycast routing technology to send dns request to your nearby server. If one server goes down, other server near your location will serve you.

They are an oldest DNS company, so you are in good hand. You can find their servers on and

2. Google Public DNS: Fastest Public DNS Server

Google Public DNS is the project started by tech giant Google under their aim of Faster and Secure Web.” The servers operated by Google are of high reliance and provide faster and secure browsing. Google Public DNS is the largest public dns service in the world. It handles 400 billion requests per day, stated in a report by Google. This service was started by Google in 2009. Its servers are operated at and

3. DNS Advantage

DNS Advantage is another impressive free public dns service around the world. Its dns servers are one of the best public dns servers. DNS Advantage is started by Neustar in December 2007. It also provides great performance with high security and always better than your ISP’s DNS server. You can find their servers on and Its servers are located in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and in Sydney Australia.

4. Comodo Secure DNS

Comodo Secure DNS’s servers are also among best free public dns servers across globe. This service is operated by web security vendor Comodo. Its server infrastructure is spreaded in 15 location and 3 continents across the globe. Its servers are always faster, reliable and secure. Because of anycast routing, your internet will not face any dns issues.

As Comodo is a web security vendor, it incorporates a real-time block list which ensure protection against harmful websites which are prone to malware and phishing attacks. Its servers are operated at and

5. Norton DNS

Norton DNS operates one of the secure and fast dns servers. This service is operated by computer security vendor Symantec. Its ensures you security from web threat and fast web all the time. It provides web security in 3 policies. You can choose according to your need. Norton DNS server are operated at and

So above is the list of best free public dns servers. If you are tired of slowness of your internet connection or downtime, It can be due to ISP’s DNS issues. In this case, you should change the DNS servers to one of these public DNS servers.

In Fact, I recommend everyone with Internet connection, to use above listed public dns servers.

If you are using router, you should configure your router to use any DNS server.

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