Best Web Browsers For Apple TV

Apple TV is a popular video streaming service. Infact it is streaming device similar to Amazon Fire TV.

Nowadays, more and more people have started watching movies and TV shows via Apple TV. It can also be used to listen and watch podcasts, play games and more.

With some web series getting popular on Apple TV, people starts susbcribing it. You can install apps on it and do different tasks. But there is a problem with Apple TV. Due to no web browser installed, it becomes really difficult to do web browsing.

You may be thinking what is the use of a web browser on a streaming device? For example; you want to know about the name of the actors in the series? What you will do? You can easily do a Google Search on your mobile.

One of my friend was confused about web browsing on Apple TV. I hepled him out by installing web browsers for Apple TV. Now he is able know about the next season of the series right on his big screen.

We have researched a list of best web browsers for Apple TV. All of these app have poor ratings in app store. So this guide is only for the finformational purpose only.

1. AirWeb

If you are looking a compatible browser for your Apple TV then AirWeb is for you. With this app, you can easily get smooth browsing exeprice on your high-definiton TV.

The input device will be your iPhone or iPad, The AirPlay will be used to mirror webpage directly on your Apple TV connected TV. A trackpad and control will be created on the screen of your iOS device. All the iOS devices that supports AirPlay Mirroring will be compatibel with it.

Key Features Of AirWeb:

  • It supports all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
  • AirPlay Mirroring is needed for this.
  • Fits with height and width of your TV screen.
  • Comfortably browse the web on bigscreen.

To use this app wirlessly, you need to have only Apply TV 2, 3 or 4. The reviews on the app in Apple App Store are poor. So it may not work flawlessly.

2. Web For Apple TV

Another one in this list is “Web for Apple TV. With it, you can easily browse on your big screen without any hassel. You can do anything from searching web to online shopping. All web tasks can be done just in a touch.

Key Features Of Web for Apple TV

  • iPhone/iPad act as remote control.
  • Better viewing experience make browsing comfortable.
  • Smooth scrolling and easy zooming.
  • Older iPhone are also supported.

The app is not fully optimized to work smoothly. Some of its features do not run smoothly. The app can wirelessly connects to only Apple TV 2 and 3. An HDMI/VGA cable is required for Apple 1.

3. AirBrowser

Here is another great app for browsing on Apple TV. AirBrowser has been listed among the “Best New Apps”. It has many useful feature that makes web browsing on Apple TV very smooth. You can also try this app before buying.

You can chat with friends, browse Facebook, read newspaper etc on your big screen.

Key Features Of AirBrowser

  • Desktop-like browsing experience
  • Gestures makes navigation easy
  • Support for iPad, iPhone and iPod.
  • Its real reponsive pointer provides mouse related effects

The app has some of the best features among all. But you need to buy its full subscription to use its full functionality.

Conclusion: Web Browsers Apple TV

The use of Apple TV is picking up some pace. It is yet to developed to its full potential. In the fututre, we may see an official web browser for the Apple TV. Till then, we need to keep our web browsing with above listed web browsers for Apple TV.

The web browser is of great use nowdays. We know its importnat for you. So we have listed all the best browsers for Apple TV.

Now you can easily read newspaper, search the web, watch videos and much more with ease.

Are you using one of these browsers? How is experience with it?

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