Android vs iPhone: Do you want to buy a new smartphone? Most probably, you will have options for Android smartphones or Apple iPhone. Should you buy iPhone or Android?

If you are in confusion then this article will help you to decide which smartphone will be best for you. We will discuss & compare every aspect of both smartphones including software, customization, camera, display, performance, software updates, battery life, price and some other aspects.

Let’s go further and compare the features of iPhone with Android.

Android vs iPhone: A Comparison

Now we will most of the software and hardware features of both Apple’s iPhone and Android.

1. Operating System: Android vs iOS

The operating system is the main software component of any smartphone. Apple iPhone have iOS and Android smartphones have Google’s Android mobile operating system.

  • User Interface

iOS has simple and easy to use interface. Operating an iPhone is very easy even for a beginner. As Android is highly customizable, every smartphone manufacturer develops their own customized version of Android. So user-interface of android does not look consistent.

  • Customization

When it comes customization, Android is best. In Android, you can easily change the look of your screen. It allows you to change the fonts and icons. With Android theme, it’s very easy to give your Android home screen your favorite look.

There are many android launchers available in Google Play Store. Android Launchers allows you to easily change the overall look of your home screen and it operates. There are some android launchers which can easily improve the performance of the android smartphone. You can put any of the widgets like weather widgets along with folder & icons.

By rooting your Android smartphone, you can increase the memory of your android device.

On the other side, Apple’s iOS does not offer so much customization features like Android.

  • Performance

Apple’s iOS is highly optimized for performance. As iOS is specially developed for only Apple’s devices. iPhone operating system is optimized for Apple’s hardware. This is the reason the iPhone’s dual-core processor easily outperforms the octa-core processor of Android smartphones.

Every app works flawlessly on iPhone. Performance of iOS remains same at every time. But Android smartphone performance decrease over time.

  • RAM Management

Do you notice even a 2 GB RAM iPhone easily outperforms 4 GB RAM? iOS is more memory efficient than Android. You can smoothly open any app even on your iPhone 5S. In iPhone, the app you opens will remain in memory for more time. So the switch between different apps in iOS is faster.

2. Hardware

iPhone has top-quality hardware installed. But for iPhone, the hardware is limited in terms of choice. You can not buy an iPhone with your own choice of hardware configuration. As only Apple make iPhone, you have to go with what Apple provides in their series of iPhones.

But Android smartphones are made by various mobile companies like Samsung, LG, HTC, Xiaomi, Lenovo and many others. You will get many options in your budget. There are different types of the hardware configuration in Android smartphones. You can buy an android smartphone on the basis of screen size, screen resolution, CPU, RAM, weight and more. Apple iPhone does not have memory card slot for expanding memory storage capacity. Even very low-priced Android devices have me

There are a bulk of features included in Android smartphones. Notification light in android smartphone helps us in knowing which types of notification has arrived on the phone without turning on the display. iPhone does not have notification light feature.

3. Battery Backup

Battery backup of Android devices is great. These day even low-priced Android smartphones come with high-capacity battery and can deliver battery backup up to 2 days. These devices even come with 5000mah battery capacity.

On the other side, iPhone does not come with large battery capacity and provides average battery backup.

4. Camera

When it comes to camera performance, iPhone delivers excellent photos. Even its low-price model iPhone 5S can provide you with excellent quality photos.

For taking good-quality pics on Android, you have to buy a high-end Android device like Google Pixel.

5. Price

When it comes to the price of the smartphone, Android offers smartphones ranging from budget to flagship. You can easily get a budget feature-rich Android smartphone with Full HD display, an octa-core processor, decent camera and many other useful features.

There are many mobile companies like Lenovo, Xiaomi, Motorola, Nokia and some other. People go crazy for these budget Android smartphone as these are low-priced with decent hardware.

iPhones are really expensive smartphones. As these are flagship device so the price of iPhone is very high. You have to spend a hefty amount to buy the latest iPhone. Even its lower model is quite expensive.

If you want to buy a smartphone at lower-price then Android is the only option.

6. Software Updates

Apple is known for its fast software updates to its iOS devices. Whenever Apple releases a software update, it will be instantly available on your iPhone. If you want to get latest on a mobile operating system on your smartphone then iPhone is the best device for you.

Even its older model iPhone 5S still receives latest iOS updates.

While Android smartphone manufacturers are very slow to provide latest mobile software updates. You will have wait for a long time get android updates.

7. Support

Apple provides excellent support for their devices. Have you accidentally broken your iPhone or have any other issue, just go to your closest Apple Store. The Apple Support Professional will assist you and can give replacement or fix your issue.

As iPhone’s both hardware & software is designed by Apple, they have tight control over it. That’s why their level of support is top-notch.

In case of Android, there is no Android store. You have to go to mobile manufacturer support center.

8. Security

If you are concerned about the security & privacy of your mobile phone data then iPhone is best for you. It is very difficult to get malware on Apple iOS. While Android mobile operating system is prone to get the malware infection. According to a report, more than 99 percent of all malware targets Android.

9. Miscellaneous

  • Android mobile phones come pre-installed with third-party junk apps that may or may not be useful to you. On the other hand, iPhone provides you a cleaner & easy to use interface. On iPhone, apps pre-installed are from Apple that contributes to your productivity.
  • It’s very easy to download your favorite music & videos on an android device from the web.  But on iPhone, first, you have to download music or video on your computer then sync with iTunes.
  • Efficient and better file management in android.
  • Google Assistant is better than Apple Siri. Google Assistant takes helps from other Google’s services to answer your questions. It can even identify objects and gather visual information from the device’s camera. Apple Siri is improving with every release.
  • Apps on the iOS are better looking for easy to use interface. Most of the time apps new features come to iPhone than Android.
  • Gaming performance is much better on iPhone than Android device. You can easily run heavy games even on older iPhone models.
  • Apple iPhone uses “Lighting Port” for charging and data transfer. While Android device uses the USB port. What if you urgently need to charge your phone? It’s very easy to find anyone with USB cable. But Lighting Cable is only available with iPhone.
  • You can find a 3.5mm jack for the headphone in Android. But latest iPhone does not have the headphone jack in it.
  • Apple’s device has better resale value than older Android devices


Looks like both Android and iPhone device have their own pros and cons. None of the both these devices is complete in terms of features.

Everybody has different buying perspective. Some will be price conscious and many will prefer software & hardware.

Your smartphone buying decision should be based on what features you need on the smartphone. First, know what you want in your new smartphone then choose the mobile which completes your need in the budget.

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